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Professional traffic coating and waterproof membranes to enhance safety & protect your investment.

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GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc. have been performing commercial traffic coating and waterproof membrane services for more than 15 years—enhancing safety and longevity at commercial, industrial and multi-family residential sites of all sizes.

We’ve become a vendor of choice for contractors, property managers and national institutions with properties across BC because of our experience, skilled tradespeople and our commitment to quality.

When it comes to applying only the most trusted traffic-bearing membrane systems, we always stick to manufacturer specifications for thickness. Customers benefit from that value for years to come, which is why so many of the customers we’ve had since the beginning are still with us today.

Deploying local crews from the Lower Mainland, Victoria and Kelowna, with just a few week’s notice, we can be on site across BC with an accessible supervisor and incredible attention to detail at every step.

waterproof membrane on deck

Traffic Coating & Waterproof Membranes for Pedestrians & Vehicular Traffic 

Give new exterior decking or concrete lasting protection, hassle-free maintenance and safe use for years to come with a waterproof traffic membrane applied by the pros at Sealants & Coatings.

Whether your parkade, deck or walkway is concrete, metal or wood—we have the experience, skilled local tradespeople and premium traffic-bearing membrane products to deliver the most durable protection against traffic and the elements.

On Grade/Raft Slab Concrete Solutions

For decks that are not suspended or on grade (level with the ground) coatings keep water damage at bay to enhance surface longevity and safety.

Shot Blasting

We prepare concrete surfaces for coating with expert shot blasting services—performed with our own equipment and by skilled tradespeople.

Concrete Stair Restoration

Are your concrete stairs starting to show signs of wear? With repairs and a layer of traffic membrane, you can extend the life of your stairs without completely redoing your stairs.

Exterior Deck and Building Envelope Coating

With a waterproof coating on your exterior deck or building envelope, pedestrians get anti-slip protection while extending the life of the surface.

  • Patios and decks
  • Balconies and ledges
  • Walkways in plazas, hospitals, schools and even centres

Effectively protects wood, concrete and metal.

Commercial and Industrial Floor Coatings

Growers Supply commercial floor coatingGrowers Supply commercial floor coating

Ready to give your concrete flooring heavy duty durability and noticeable brightness? We’re expert installers of apoxy coatings that resists water, abrasion, chemicals, fire, oil and bleach—the ideal coating for many commercial and industrial spaces. Plus, like choosing types of wall paint, apoxy can be tailored to suit your function and aesthetic.

We’ve also performed anti-static epoxy floor coatings for health care centres and operating rooms in hospitals across BC.

  • Airplane hangars
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Fitness centres
  • Food and beverage spaces & food production facilities
  • Garages & auto shops
  • Health care facilities, hospitals and operating rooms
  • Machine shops
  • Offices
  • Packing halls
  • Shopping centres
  • Warehouses

Mechanical/Boiler Room Floor Coatings

When a mechanical or boiler room requires a waterproof and elastomeric (rubber-like) floor coating, we’re experienced installers of polyurethane waterproof membrane coatings that protect against leaking. Long-lasting and easy to maintain as well as resistant to slipping and chemicals, polyurethane coatings are ideal for mechanical and boiler rooms.

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • High rises
  • Hotels

Commercial traffic coating solutions for longevity and safety

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  • Excellent workmanship on their firestopping work. From packing mineral wool, applying firestopping sealant, and spraying firestopping material, the installation work is amazing, very clean, and neat. This really demonstrates that they put their pride and heart into the work. Their shop drawings and sign-off documents are very organized as well. They also provide detailed photos of the firestopping installation. That makes the project close-out stage smooth. Well recommended firm for the firestopping work!

    Jack Hui