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For more than 15 years, GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc. have been offering premium firestop system installations across BC. We know what a critical role firestopping plays in a contractor’s retrofit or new build—and that it’s ultimately about saving lives and protecting property.

To consistently provide the highest quality firestop work—and to be a partner of choice for contractors, we bring together a team of highly skilled firestop specialists ready to be deployed on site as soon as we’re needed. GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc. has multiple local firestop crews in Kelowna, the Lower Mainland and Victoria to support multi-residential, commercial and industrial builds and retrofits.

How else do contractors know they can count on us, time and again? We’re proud to be a Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor.

That means your project benefits from:

We always strive to exceed expectations and enhance the customer experience through collaboration, quality and innovation.

Firestop Installation

Whether your project involves firestopping of joints and service penetrations, intumescent steel coating, or fire-rated expansion joints, GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc. brings expertise & premium Hilti firestop products.

Through Service & Blank Penetration Firestopping

Standard firestopping cUL systems for service penetrations such as electrical, mechanical plumbing, sprinkler systems, data & communication, electrical, structural and misc blank openings.

Wall Perimeter, Curtain Wall and other Joint Firestopping

From a simple smoke seal to hourly ratings, these systems can be installed by utilizing a spray on material or a caulking material depending on the required finish.

Cable Trays and Special Penetrations Requiring re-penetration

Include specially designed intumescent sleeves that can be installed in rated assemblies quickly and can be opened and closed when needed for use on cable trays carrying communication or electrical cables.

Fire Protection Steel Coating

A water-based low VOC spray featuring fast, easy and safe cleanup + a four-hour fire rating, ideal for wide flange steel columns, hollow section columns, restrained and unrestrained beams and steel floor and form unit—or any open structure that requires painting.

Special Structural Expansion Joints Requiring a Fire Rating

Specialty applications where a structural expansion joint is required to have a fire rating and be watertight all while allowing movement can be overcome with specially designed silicone/foam seals with embedded intumescent/fire retardant material—ideal for fire-rated walls/floors/decks in hospitals, elevator towers, bridges, stadiums & arenas.


Firestop Design & Engineering

When traditional firestop systems aren’t an option, we work with engineers and contractors to bring you custom Hilti solutions.

For some retrofits and new builds with unique layouts, custom firestopping is required to meet legal firestop requirements and ensure reliable protection. As firestop specialists serving BC for 15 years, we’ve seen it all and can leverage proven solutions to bring your building up to code.


Hilti-certified Firestop Specialty Contractors providing one-stop fire protection services

Firestopping HILTI

Hilti-certified Firestop Specialty Contractors providing one-stop fire protection services

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  • Excellent workmanship on their firestopping work. From packing mineral wool, applying firestopping sealant, and spraying firestopping material, the installation work is amazing, very clean, and neat. This really demonstrates that they put their pride and heart into the work. Their shop drawings and sign-off documents are very organized as well. They also provide detailed photos of the firestopping installation. That makes the project close-out stage smooth. Well recommended firm for the firestopping work!

    Jack Hui


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