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Bringing together materials with masonry, timber, concrete, steel and other structures calls for expansion joints that provide critical enclosure. Whether your project needs to meet requirements for acoustics, firestopping, watertightness or seismic needs, we offer unparallel joint sealing expertise.

To deliver expansion joint services of the highest quality, we maintain manufacturer training and we’re proud to provide purpose-designed Emseal, Tremco, and Watson Bowman products that are as durable as they are safe and sustainable.

GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc. provides expansion joint sealants to a range of commercial, industrial and multi-family residential projects across BC—deploying local crews from Kelowna, Victoria and the Lower Mainland. Whatever the project, we recognize the critical need for overall enclosure performance to extend the life and safety of your structure.

Contractors appreciate that we’ve always got an accessible supervisor on site—and that they can lean on our expertise facing a myriad of conditions and challenges over the last 15 years to recommend the best approach and install with precision.

roof expansion joint wall transition scupper Emseal

Commercial Building Expansion Joints & Sealants 

When expansion joint openings need to be sealed to restore the function of adjoining materials, tailored Emseal expansion joint sealants and highly trained installers make all the difference.

From watertightness and firestopping to seismic expansion joints and continuity of seal between systems and adjacent materials, GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc. bring expertise, robust solutions and a commitment to quality.

Structural Expansion Joint Applications 

We bring some of BC’s most qualified installers, purpose-designed expansion joint sealants from Emseal and experience in these and many other applications: 

  • Below grade structures
  • Bridges
  • Decks/parkades
  • Exterior walls
  • Interiors
  • Pools
  • Roofs
  • Sealant tapes
  • Split slabs/plazas
  • Transitions
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  • Excellent workmanship on their firestopping work. From packing mineral wool, applying firestopping sealant, and spraying firestopping material, the installation work is amazing, very clean, and neat. This really demonstrates that they put their pride and heart into the work. Their shop drawings and sign-off documents are very organized as well. They also provide detailed photos of the firestopping installation. That makes the project close-out stage smooth. Well recommended firm for the firestopping work!

    Jack Hui